The most popular types of underwear for gay men

Everyone has their favourite type of underwear. Whether you're looking for comfort, style, sex appeal or anything in between, there are a multitude of different options available to wear, depending on the individual. The gay community is well known for its fashion and style, with Lure Menswear cornering the market in gay men's underwear. If you're a gay man and you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe, then you should look no further than Lure Menswear! With so much choice out there, it's hard to know where to start!

Listed below are several of the most popular types of underwear for gay men, allowing you to make an informed choice about your underwear.


Boxers have become increasingly popular with men in general, also being common within the gay community. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that they're rather comfy to wear and usually have a fly on the front to be able to urinate with ease. There are a multitude of types of boxers available on the market, from boxer shorts to boxer briefs, however, the boxers that Lure Menswear produce are unique, being almost a cross between the two. They're comfortable yet stylish, being both form-fitting and modest. They leave a little more to the imagination than other types of underwear for gay men, meaning you can use them for everyday wear, or to entice that special someone in your life.

Lure Menswear has a range of boxers available, with fitted waistbands designed to fit your waist perfectly. They have a classic, sophisticated style to them, combining support, comfort and sexiness in one huge package, perfect for the average man's everyday use.

The harness

The harness is a little more niche within the gay community, although it has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years. Once considered to be a part of the underground queer scene, the harness is now being worn by gay men for their everyday wear. The Lure Harness is a comfy classic, also having a sophisticated style to it - whilst it's still commonly worn as a sexual item, you can wear the Lure Harness on the go, as it's snug and comfortable, with the correct support needed for everyday life.

The harness originated in the underground BDSM scene and does have certain connotations due to this, but harnesses have become more visible recently, even appearing on catwalks and red carpets in recent years, showing a wider societal acceptance of both the harness and gay culture in general. It can be added to a tuxedo to create style, or it can be used in the bedroom to entice a potential lover, meaning the harness has a variety of different uses for the modern gay man. If you're a gay man looking for something a little different or wanting to spice your love life up, then the harness may be just the thing to try!


Jocks (otherwise known as jockey shorts or jockstraps) are similar to briefs, but generally have less material at the back, depending on the type of jocks purchased. This means that the underwear is less bulky and restrictive, but also adds sex appeal. Less restriction and added mobility mean that many gay men prefer jocks due to the simple fact that they're extremely comfortable, with many men choosing to wear them when working out at the gym or playing sport. They're also considered to be rather sexy, showing the bum off in style - another reason why they are so popular with gay men.

Lure Menswear offers a range of different jocks and jockstraps, so you can be safe in the knowledge that there is something here that is perfect for you. Lure's sexy range of jocks will support you and make you feel comfortable, whilst also showing your features off in sexy style, making them the perfect choice for any gay man.


Briefs are one of the most popular types of underwear for men in general, as well as gay men. They're a little more form-fitting than some of the other types of underwear for gay men listed here, but they're considered to be a comfortable classic. They've recently come back into style, with Lure Menswear offering some of the most stylish briefs on the market. They look great, with a stylish fit that will also support your sensitive areas perfectly, showing just why they're so popular. Despite being a little shorter than boxers, briefs still allow enough coverage and are very practical for those on the go, meaning they're also great for work or exercising. They can be worn with any type of clothing, meaning they're the perfect staple underwear for the gay man, with the tighter look making them look very sexy too.

These are some of the most popular types of underwear for gay men at the present moment, with Lure Menswear offering a selection of products in each category, at an affordable price. Why not check out our range of underwear now and find something that suits you down to the ground?