Thongs for Men

When it comes to men’s underwear there are so many styles that have evolved in recent times. Especially, in the case of gay men, the choices are far too many. Take, for example, thongs for men. Men increasingly prefer them as the first choice for their gay underwear. It can be a controversial subject, this thong for men. But acceptance will come by itself in time. Even straight guys wear jockstraps for that matter!! So what are those gay guys waiting for!!! Thongs for men are, after all, just a cool choice for gym buddies too. But there are those curious types who are just the types that are waiting for their answers as to why gay men should wear thongs after all. So we’ve brought our answers in this post. Read on and find out why men should wear thongs and all the key differences between thongs and jockstraps for men.

Thongs for men

Thongs are minimalist. It is just next to having no underwear at all. There is a soft pouch to protect the manliness and nothing else than that. No sideways. Just the front pouch for support and a strap. It reduces the chances of chafing and rubbing. A thong can give better lift as it is more about front and back. If you are exploring our gay store for menswear then you will come across our new thongs that we have launched. Right now, we are offering them in red and grey, but more colors and styles are about to come. So be there.

Jocks for men

Jockstraps for men offer more protection, and in that, they are just perfect for gym workouts. Jockstraps reduce the chances of a groin strain, so you can wear them for most activities. They have become so popular because of their ergonomic design, premium material, and gay fashion features. They are built for gay men who want to feel that much extra sexy. Their ergonomic design consists of an elastic strap, a pouch for supporting the bulge, and two elastic straps that run sideways from the pouch through the hips. Athletes wear them, and so do men for their daily underwear.

Can I wear a thong?

Well definitely yes. You don’t need an excuse to wear one. If a thong seems to be just what you need to feel sexy and masculine at the same time, so be it. Practically also, a thong is one great piece of underwear for men.

How will a thong benefit me?

You must understand that a thong is much more than just gay underwear for men. And in fact, it is leagues ahead different from normal underwear for men. If you want to sizzle the dancefloor and bring out your masculine power to the front, then a thong is just the thing that will ooze with power. A thong will give you freedom of movement, and it also creates sexy underwear for skin-tight clothing.

Can I wear a thong under my clothing? Won’t it show its lines?

Thongs are so sexy even for daily underwear. So you can go ahead and wear them for daily activities like running errands or while gymming with buddies. You can wear a thong under skin-tight jeans and skin-fit suit slacks. And you can be assured that they will not reveal lines. You can pass through the day wearing a thong. Wear them under track pants or trousers or even while you play around with buddies at the beach.

How long will a thong last?

A thong is like any other underwear, so it will also last as long as you take care of it. You just have to take care of your thong while washing and drying. Tumble drying of your thong will only reduce its life. You shouldn’t tumble dry your thong as the heat will make the elastic loose. The thong will then distort its shape and no sooner, it will become useless. It is better to air dry your thong or roll it dry in a towel. It will last for a year or more.

What size thong should I wear?

You should order the size that you normally do in your underwear. For more accuracy, you can make your waist measurement. You may also not realize your waist measurement if you have been wearing stretched underwear. Thongs will grip your waist, so take the accurate measurement to reduce any inconvenience in wearing.

Our Verdict

We can, of course, recommend you both jockstraps and thongs. It is more of a personal choice rather than what is the popular choice. You can both thongs and jocks in the gym or regular daily lifestyle. The choice is yours. It has more to do with feeling masculine than anything else. And in that, a thong or a jock is always the first and primary choice for gay men.