Confidence & Body Positivity

Confidence can be an amazing thing. But then it does not take long to shake it. Particularly when we think about the way we move, and how we perceive our bodies. We tend to compare and that’s the truth. It takes just a glance at a lithe masculine body to form an opinion about our body image. Body image can be a funny thing, you want to appear the best of yourself, but equally want to be different. That’s why we have designed our gay menswear for everyone, as if you're one of those "not-so-hunky kinds of guys" who still have it in them to shake the party, we have you covered. And it also reveals a startling and glaring fact that so many of us ignored for so many years. Haven’t you noticed how your underwear gives your confidence, the moment you wear them? If you still haven’t got hold of the point we are driving at, then read on.

Let our brand speak up for you

There is something about our brand that you can also identify with. Yes… We are indirectly pointing to the fact that we have shaped our brand to be inclusive and diverse. Are you still not getting it? OK. Let’s be specific. Ever since our foray into the LGBT community, we’ve targeted men of all body types. So you don’t have to be a hunk with a ripped body to wear our stylish range of underwear. Be cool about what you are! You are not only the body but so much more than that! There is an inner YOU that is raving to come out and shine forth. If you do need a reason, let our underwear be that reason! Do we need to say more?

Wear what think is right for you

Of course, it is implied that you should not wear what others think is good for you!! After all, you should remember that you only wear clothing that gives you confidence. So it only says that the right kind of underwear can give you that mental freshness that oozes right through you. This is just what we, Lure Menswear, stand for… to give you confidence all through the day. Our collection of Jocks, Thongs, Harness, Briefs, Boxers, are made to deliver that extra punch. So be what you are, and stay confident of what you are. You have our gay underwear for all body positivity that you need to strike a pose at the pool.

Keep your focus broad

A guy with killer looks maybe isn't the nicest guy to approach, but then why focus on looks, after all, when there is so much more to focus on. Bonding and spark is almost, always, a result of a positive attitude and a sense of inclusion. This is the inclusion we have embodied in our menswear range for gay men. Advertisements, and brand image only support what is the most important thing above all – the merchandise. We’ve included a whole spectrum of diversified menswear that stands for diversity and inclusion. You might be a top fashion model, a bartender, or barber, whatever your trade, we’ve fashioned our brand to include them all. 

Change stereotype images

Stereotypes are a hard nut to crack!! These are often those that have a fixed notion and a limited vision and they are our greatest challenge. They will only help us design a brand that you can trust to give you the confidence to pull you through the day. Just try our new and exclusive Harness, Jock & Sock Bundle for example. Don them and exude confidence. Be bold, and stay bold with Lure Menswear. You are not making a statement to others, just redefining yourself! You will only surprise yourself with what you’ve got.

Men. Women. All need to be body positive

Body positivity is an inner feeling. So what if our gay menswear can spark it for you. It’s not only women who need body positivity. Men need it too, and they need it as much as women do. When was the last time you heard someone say they dreamed of a hunk with ribbed abs and a body that is more muscles than anything else? Men can be vulnerable too, just like women. We know it because we’ve researched it. That research shows in our Premium Menswear range of gay underwear, so it’s time you chuck that boring brief out of your closet and bring in our Jockstraps and Thongs for men into your wardrobe. We assure you, you will need it more than your wardrobe.

Lead a storm

The days are those when the idea of body positivity and the LGBT community is on the rise. Trends are changing and Lure Menswear knows what’s coming. We have just caught the trend to our advantage. Check out our premium menswear collection and you will know exactly what we mean. Try our Thongs as "something new", or our Jocks, which have been designed to give confidence to your image in a big way.