Eco @ Lure

How is LURE eco friendly?


When you look for underwear you look out for comfortable fabric and a fit that snugs your skin like none other. The breathability of the fabric is what you are ultimately looking at in an underwear brand. The “breathability’ factor is what makes underwear comfortable, breathable and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly is not merely a green icon on our underwear package. It packs in some essential features to get our “eco-friendly” or “ethical” or “sustainable” underwear tag. We use eco-friendly practices and make use of minimal textile waste and a zero environmental footprint.


Sustainable fibers

The fiber that goes into the production of underwear defines its character. And maintaining the character of our underwear is serious business for us. That is why LURE sources organic fibers to make our underwear stand out from the rest of the underwear brands. All our fibers are organic and are certified on stringent measures. We use organic cotton, rather than use traditional cotton fibers in our underwear. The viscose that we get is based on sustainable sources rather than conventional sources of viscose which include cutting down trees. We also have turned our attention to trialling other naturally occurring sources of fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, silk, and Tencel (cellulosic fiber obtained from wood pulp) in future samples - watch this space in terms of what is hitting LURE in 2023. 


Innovative sources of fiber

LURE is an underwear brand that uses cutting-edge technology and innovative means to discover new sources of fiber. Our team of professionals works tirelessly at improving the quality of our fabric. This includes identifying sources of fiber and fabrics. We have even explored the oceans for seaweed, which might produce the fabric of the future. We are an ecologically conscious innerwear brand that believes in the sustainable and ethical treatment of fabrics. We apply all this in our manufacturing processes and this result in a brand that has one eye on the environment and makes sure that our brand impacts the environment in positive and sustainable ways rather than destroying its delicate and fragile fabric.


Recycle and Reusable

We use materials that do not leave a lasting impression on the environment. Even our packaging is compostable and reusable. Our underwear is packed in a separate zipper bag that is made to be recyclable and reusable. This is in sync with the environment-friendly production strategies that we adopt in our manufacturing plants. We also do not encourage the use of synthetic raw materials in our underwear. Most of our manufacturing materials are made of sustainable and recycled material.


Longevity is the key

Underwear is a wardrobe necessity. They have come a long way from merely providing support to our intimate organs to being fashion accessories. Most people shop for underwear that can last longer. This impulse of the consumer also is a driving force that gives a boost to our efforts of producing underwear that is comfortable to wear and also lasts longer. Underwear, for us, is a piece of clothing that we do not even remember to be wearing all the time. It must be that comfortable!!


Stay away from harmful chemicals

We make use of naturally dyed materials in the manufacture of our underwear. Bleaching and synthetic materials are increasingly posing a threat to our rivers and it is also impacting the environment in negative ways. LURE knows the intimate nature of the underwear. It, therefore, is very conscious of its use of natural materials.


Minimal environmental impact

LURE makes underwear that uses minimal environmental impact. We acquire materials that have the least use of land resources and give more pulp which is the chief source of fiber. Hemp is one of them, and we make use of hemp that is grown organically. Buying our underwear is like making a green statement. It is the eco-friendly thing that you can do right now. Our underwear is not only eco-friendly but its unique fabric looks a lot richer.


Protection of intimate areas

Toxic dyes and harmful chemicals can make your skin prone to rashes and infections. We make sustainable underwear that is made from natural and biodegradable fibers. We use minerals that reduce the risk of fungal infections by reducing the growth of bacteria. It also prevents the growth of bacteria which causes a bad odor. The natural dyes and organic materials that are used in our underwear are made with green standards and are certified.


With so many eco-friendly choices, we try to focus on maintaining the quality of the fabric and also to make customers come back to buy our underwear. We have aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our brand. This is a promise that we can keep with Mother Nature. We will take pride that when you purchase any of our LURE innerwear products, you will be contributing to saving our planet by going green with the choice of underwear that you prefer.