Good Underwear Hygiene


Men and women often overlook underwear hygiene. Poor underwear hygiene results in skin rashes and even infections of the groin area. Keeping your underwear clean is as important as bathing every day and keeping your private parts clean. So if you have poor underwear hygiene habits, it is time you start cultivating one. Incorporating better underwear hygiene can be so satisfying an experience.



The material of your underwear can be the most important underlying factor and can be the difference between good and bad underwear. Cotton is the most preferred fabric for your underwear. But there are many more choices for you here too. You have a choice between nylon, spandex, satin, lace, mesh, and other synthetic ones. But there are many more organic ones like merino wool and bamboo viscose. Micromodals are in trend too, and they can be great at wicking moisture and keeping your privates airy and ventilated. Our underwear comes with a unique fabric blend that brings in all the goodness of cotton and the luxury of silk, yet gives you the feeling of lightness. We also recommend you wash them in lukewarm waters at 30 degrees. It is enough to kill the bacteria and give a longer life to the fabric.


Tight underwear

Underwear that is too tight can be downright uncomfortable. Underwear is intimate things and they have to be comfortable. Underwear that is tight in fitting restricts the airflow to your most private parts. They offer poor circulation of air and as a result, you could even feel awkward when walking up the street or sitting with friends. To overcome this problem, all that you have to do is to buy underwear that goes with the latest body size and measurements. Whatever underwear you prefer, be it trunks, briefs, boxers, or jockstraps, it should be perfect for your waist size.


Change your underwear

Changing to fresh underwear is just as essential as having a bath every day. Try going with the same underwear for two days and notice how it feels to your skin. First, you can feel that stench coming from your underwear, and then it is the sweat. It often results in skin irritation and rashes. Such bad underwear hygiene is an invitation to skin infections that may take longer to go. Change your underwear every day and go for fresh underwear that is thoroughly washed and rinsed. It is good for both your private parts and your body.


Discard it

One of the main culprits that attribute to bad underwear hygiene is not discarding your underwear. One thing is to correct this and it starts with carefully observing your underwear for holes, loose elastic, tears, and faded garments. One things that might point out the obvious deterioration of material and fabric are holes and tears. Try to see that you change your underwear once every six months. Every underwear, even if it is a premium one, starts losing its fabric after 50 washes. You are only neglecting yourself if you also think that who will see my underwear but me. Such negative thinking is the main reason why most of us have poor underwear hygiene.



Poor underwear hygiene results in poor self-esteem and low confidence. It shows in interviews and social interactions. It might sound like a very trivial thing to you, but poor underwear hygiene goes a long way in making you confident and fresh. Fresh and new underwear that is cleaned can give you that energy boost that lasts a whole day. It is a subtle thing but is very much there.



How do I clean my underwear and make it germ-free?

You should wash the underwear with a good quality washing powder or detergent soap. Don’t wash it with hot water. Lukewarm water will also do and you can keep it at 30 degrees. This is enough to kill most bacteria and other microbes. You should also endure that you do not harm the delicate fabric of your underwear by rubbing or wring it too hard and washing it with boiling water. Read the washing instructions that come with your underwear.


How do I cultivate good underwear hygiene?

You should wash your underwear daily with a good soap or washing powder. You can also try a softener if your underwear fabric demands it. 


How does clean underwear benefit me?

Clean underwear is less irritable to your skin and also keeps the skin free from rashes and bacteria. Your genital area is protected from sweat and odors. The moisture-wicking fabric of the underwear causes less moisture and keeps the groin area airy and ventilated.



Underwear hygiene might look like an insignificant matter to most of us. We take it for granted that we have cultivated good underwear hygiene. It can be so, no doubt about that. But it also pays to give more thought to how you are maintaining underwear hygiene? How are you washing your underwear? Is your underwear too tight?  Such questions will reveal a lot about the faults and you can then improve upon them and cultivate good and healthy underwear hygiene.