Signs you need new underwear

Underwear is one piece of clothing that gives you total comfort. By total, we only mean that you often don’t feel like wearing one, to the extent that it no longer exists in your conscious memory. So it goes on without saying that choosing underwear is pretty much a hassle. The underwear that you are wearing now will not last forever, that is the truth. Another bitter truth is that finding the exact underwear is not always possible. And the range of underwear that is available right now makes it only more confusing. But be more adventurous. Don’t cling on to that underwear and buy the same time and again. Who knows you will find the perfect underwear you’ve always wanted the next time you go shopping for one. There are signs that you need to look out for and they will tell you that you need new underwear. So what are they? Read on and you will agree with us.

The Problems


A sure sign that you need new underwear is a peeping hole. So when you see one in your underwear, it is a telling sign that your underwear has gone past its expiry date. There is nothing more frustrating than underwear with a hole. A hole may be a sign that the underwear is made of loose and inferior material. Washing your underwear with the wrong methods may also result in a hole. Nevertheless, the moment you see one forming, it is time you need new underwear.


Out of all the things that tell you when to change the underwear is a tear. When you see your skin peeping through a tear, maybe your underwear is showing you signs that you have worn it for too long. Many things can cause a tear. It may be due to improper washing, low-quality fabric, tough detergent soaps, etc. But a tear is a tear, nevertheless. It begs you to change your underwear ASAP.


Underwear with stains is ugly, even if it fits you perfectly. So what if you wear it on the inside. It is the one thing that cries to be thrown out. Treat the stain as an opportunity to buy new underwear.

Worn out

Everything gets old!! Even your underwear!! It may not show that wrinkled skin, but you know it when it gets old. The elastic snaps, gets loose, the underwear starts to shrink, and there are so many visible signs that tell you the time has come to change your underwear. Fabric gets faded over time and the color too.

Plain uncomfortable

Underwear is meant to provide you with comfort. Their breathable material provides respiration for your most private parts. It keeps you cool and the moisture is kept in check. So if your underwear is not offering you these, then maybe you need to change it.

The cuts

Maybe you have tried different underwear this time. The one that you don’t normally wear. Maybe it is a boxer, and its cuts are pinching into your skin. You feel uncomfortable the moment you have worn it. So 

Not your style

Let’s be honest that your underwear is not your style. Your preferences have evolved and it also includes underwear. Maybe you’ve cultivated a liking for spandex or boxer briefs, and you’ve just had enough of that plain-looking trunks. Try something new this time. Go for designer patterned jockeys or thongs. They come in a lot of designs. The next time you’ll wear them, you and your wardrobe will love them.

The solutions

So what are the solutions? Well, there are many and it takes some research to look for the perfect underwear that will suit you.


Lure Gay Briefs are here to stay, and they can always be depended upon to give you innermost comfort. They are cut to give you the flexibility of motion and their breathable fabric allows air to pass through the underwear material. They even come in synthetic fabric.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs combine the goodness of boxers with the intimate features of a brief. They can cover your legs and also give you the feeling of a brief. You can always have them with nylon or spandex material. Athletes wear them and so does the average man who works in an office. Even trunk-style boxer briefs are available.


Bikini briefs provide a minimal look and coverage. Men can go for these low waistband briefs for that extra stretchy feeling inside. They still offer the support that you need to keep your legs moving freely without feeling cramped for space. Nylon and Spandex will provide soft against your skin. But go for cotton if you like something cool to rub against your skin at all times.


Men can move about in Lure Boxers any time of the day if they can afford it. We mean to only say that they are that comfortable. Slip them under loose-fitting trousers and you can pass the whole day with them. Boxers make great sleep-wear. They are the most versatile of innerwear for men. Keep them on while going on to the beach or even as casual wear.