Wearing underwear in bed?

Men differ in their preferences when it comes to wearing underwear in the bed. Men have doubts too, and they are in a dilemma about whether to sleep with nothing at all. Or, to sleep in underwear? Research has shown that 5% to 7% of men don’t wear underwear at all!! Some men prefer loose pajamas with nothing underneath. But there is not a clear answer as to whether men should wear it or not when sleeping in bed. So here are some points which will clear the doubts about this issue. Opinions range from those of medical professionals to the common man on the street. This remains a topic of choice among most men and even though there is an answer and a login behind that answer, men will always exercise their preferences.


No harm in putting them on

If you think there is a health benefit that comes with sleeping with underwear, then you might be wrong. There is neither any health benefit nor is their harm in sleeping in underwear. Even men who are trying to conceive a child with their partners can wear underwear at night. Lure Menswear Boxers or Lure Menswear Briefs are generally the preferred choices of underwear that most men are comfortable with. A study was done on the effect of underwear on the ability to conceive a baby. 500 men were asked about their choices of underwear and the study concluded with the result that wearing underwear or its absence does not affect the ability to conceive. It means that even if men wear underwear at night, it does not affect the compounds that are responsible to produce semen.


Tight underwear is the culprit

Studies were also done on the effects of wearing tight underwear at night on male reproductive ability. It found that wearing tight underwear increases the temperature around the testicles. These excessive temperatures indirectly have adverse effects on semen quality. On the other hand, loose-fitting underwear such as boxers maintains cool temperatures around the testicles and does not affect semen quality. But this is not so in all men. However, tight underwear does feel uncomfortable around the groin and intimate areas and it is always better to switch to loose underwear such as boxers.



Men crave freedom at night and that is why they remove their underwear and prefer to sleep naked. Doing so allows air to circulate the testicles and private parts. It gives freedom for these organs to breathe at night. Having nothing on at bedtime is invigorating, so to say. The moisture that got trapped in the underwear releases at night. This moisture is the main reason why you should remove your underwear when you go to sleep at night. Wearing one will lead to more accumulation of moisture and will eventually lead to disturbed sleep. Hence, it is better that you sleep naked without any underwear at night.


Comfort while sleeping

Some men prefer to sleep in their underwear, and this is just due to one simple reason – comfort. Underwear offers some comfort to the skin and it becomes a psychological thing for most men to sleep in underwear. On the other hand, sleeping without underwear might feel awkward at times. Underwear, at least, gives protection to the genitals, penis, testicles, and groin area while you sleep. In this regard, underwear gives you better sleep.


Ditch that old underwear

If you want to have your underwear on at night when you sleep you should at least make sure that it is new and its fabric is breathable. You will have that underwear all through the night and the skin underneath will need ventilation. And for that to happen, the fabric of the underwear should not be synthetic one, but breathable. Also, treat the underwear with care and wash it regularly as it might harness infections and bacterial growth. Maintain hygiene when it comes to underwear and it will benefit you in the long run.


Wear nothing and improve your sperm quality

But some studies were done to determine whether wearing nothing in bed improves sperm quality. And indeed it was so. Men who wore boxers during the day and removed them in bed had improved sperm quality. This was in complete contrast to men who wore tight underwear at night and had lower sperm quality. In this regard, underwear choices also may affect sperm and its quality. Sleeping naked leads to less DNA fragmentation. This is because the temperature around the testicles is cooler.



To sum it all up and we can say that wearing nothing at all is better than wearing one. It again comes to the question of how comfortable you are with your underwear at night. Sleeping with one is purely a matter of choice and individual preferences. Some men even find it sexy to sleep naked.