What other men (or your FWB) thinks about your underwear...revealed!

What other men think about your underwear?

Underwear!! It is not a talked about topic among most men, heteros we mean! Of course, in special LGBT communities, the topic can crop up in casual conversations. But there is such a queer thing about underwear that it is almost considered to be a shame to talk on this one subject. And why? Because it is the most intimate thing next to our skin. It gives rise to a curiosity of sorts in men. And this leads to all sorts of assumptions and imaginations that know no limits. You may be the centre of attention or a subject of envy when those clothes come off. 


What is the underwear type?

Most underwear types like our Lure thongs are for special occasions. But brief and boxers have become very common. Our Lure Boxers can be worn as daily wear, as part of your gym attire or simply as an addition to your nightwear. But the thong may be very revealing and more so the harness for men, we all know special occasions demand such sexy underwear and rightly so. So it is only natural that men often wonder what you might be wearing when they are in social situations such as a party, social gathering, or a walk. With underwear having evolved over years, it has gained a wide variety too. So gone are the days when briefs were in trend. These days are seen the emergence of jocks, swimwear, thongs, and boxers.


What is the colour of the underwear?

Is it red? Or blue. What if it is a dull grey? The colour of the underwear is often the best thing about your undergarments. Bright and bold colours such as navy, banana, or red look best. But then there are other paler shades of these colours. White is also one of the best-suited of colours in underwear, perfect for the office or working up a sweat in the gym. Colours often portray the personality we possess. But it can also be that we prefer some colours because they appeal to us.


Is it torn or brand new?

Underwear is prone to developing tears and holes after they have been worn too long. At Lure, we pride ourselves on our quality - something which is backed up by over 200, 5* reviews! Any man who is conscious of cleanliness will treat his underwear with the same amount of respect as his other piece of clothing. He will keep an eye on the underwear so that he discards it once it shows signs of developing holes and tears. Straight men might not give serious thought to this, but it may be too embarrassing in some situations. Torn underwear can also lead to low self-esteem and low confidence. It may be also one of the signs of showing neglect towards your clothing. Don’t let this habit grow on you.


Body build

Men who have toned and muscular bodies are those who are often looked at with an envious eye. We might not like it, but some would often think about the type of underwear they might be wearing. Is it a jock or is he sporting a thong? Body build may also decide the choice of underwear on some occasions. At gyms or swimming pools, some oglers are on the lookout for what a hunk might be wearing underneath his trousers. It might also be that people want to copy his style of underwear.


Patterns and designs

If there is one cool thing about underwear, it is the design or patterns. Designs make underwear look even sexier than plain colour underwear. Underwear with a design or pattern on it may also reveal something more about yourself. It shows your preferences and makes a clear statement about your perspective on colours and styles. It is cool, so to say, and even bold. Often prints and designs are best suited for summers, so writing this in October, it looks like we've dropped the ball on it for this year, but watch out 2023, we have something very special planned. We like making a style statement.


The fabric of the underwear

Fabric is one thing that raises and differentiates underwear from others. With so many types of fabrics now available in underwear, it can be so much of a choice. Fabrics offer the feel, touch and comfort, and breathability in underwear. Cotton is no doubt, still the most preferred material in underwear. But others like micro modals, fabrics made from bamboo, hemp, or organic materials are making their way into the wardrobe of men. Men also wear polyester, Spandex, and Nylon, and these are like luxury fabrics.

At Lure, we get top marks for our quality, our unique blend of cotton & spandex creates an ultra smooth touch for the skin.


Fashion vs. usability

When it comes to underwear, usability is often the most preferred factor. But then other men want to flash their underwear at gay or pride events, take the latest fetish week at Gran Canaria for example. They also have a fashion sense so they prefer the latest underwear styles. They want to catch the latest trends in underwear. Such men prefer mesh fabric, which is kind of revealing. Then there are jockstraps, and harnesses which are worn for special occasions like gay pride festivals, and other LGBT events. They are more of a fashion. Hence, usability and fashion are also the deciding factors behind the choice of underwear.



When we think about what other men think about your underwear, we may get some strange revelations. They are just as inquisitive as us when it comes to underwear. But one face is common and that is possibly the best answer to the puzzling question about underwear. Other men also think and wonder about the same things that we think about others. This curiosity is often the thing that makes us question our own choice of underwear. Are we wearing the same type of underwear for too long? What if the time has come to change our underwear style?