Why wear a harness on special occasions?

Are you afraid you’re discovering the gay harness too late in your life? Don’t worry because the latest collections from the best gay underwear brands will ensure you aren't left behind. Or maybe you are slightly obsessed and would like to make a fashion statement in the upcoming LGBTQ+ party scene?

Harnesses are popular pieces of clothing that many gays love to adorn when attending fetish house parties, dance clubs, pubs, street festivals, and circuit parties. But you might be asking yourself, “Is there any special significance to it?”

Ripped men look their best with harnesses

It is likely that you have seen a well-built guy dressed in a harness and couldn't keep your eyes off him. Harnesses are notable for flaunting the upper torso, making your shoulders, pecs, and chest stand out. A Lure chest harness has a special sex appeal. It’s for these reasons many male strippers pair it with a jockstrap.

A chest harness fits snugly and comfortably on the body with its soft straps across the bosom, under the armpits, and over the shoulders. You shouldn’t miss out on this masculine look at the next KinkFest event.

It gives the wearer a sense of power

Most harnesses are made of fine leather, which is widely used in ornaments. So, a harness is not just an item to grab during a kinky session. It can make you feel more powerful in a queer gathering.

A quality leather harness comes with a nickel-plated buckle and adjustable straps. That means you can adjust or remove it with ease. Even during the roughest play, robust rivets will keep it intact as your partner pulls you around.

Versatile sense of style

Some people think they are only worn as gay underwear. However, harnesses for gay fetishes can be extremely versatile. The available options depend on the theme of the occasion and your fashion taste.

A harness paired with denim jeans and boots would be perfect for hanging out with friends. Planning something dirty in the bedroom after the party? Get a pair of knee socks, and a matching jockstrap as in the Jock & Socks Bundle. You can attach tethers, straps, and wrist restraints to rev up the session.

If you prefer a more conservative look, combine the harness with a classy tee and a black blazer. You can even add a fancy evening suit for a wedding or New Year’s Eve. It’s all about creativity to match the occasion.

Whatever makes you feel sexy, wear it! That may include wearing a chest harness to a party, so by all means, do it.