Autumn Colours for Underwear

Celebrate autumn with our special autumn colours


Autumn is knocking on the doors, and it is time to invite autumn into your wardrobe too. Soon the earth will be dressed in hues of orange and red. Don’t you think it is time to do the same for your innerwear? Lure knows how to celebrate autumn with our new range of briefs and men’s underwear. Bring autumn right into your wardrobe with our yellow and orange briefs. They will just add that autumnal beauty to your wardrobe. But can you describe the feeling that you will have after you have worn these? It is just indescribable, so to say, but the feeling is there, of course. There’s no denying it.


That indescribable feeling

Colours work subtly on our psyche and the same goes for the choice of underwear. Research has shown that colours affect neural activity and certain areas of our brain get more active with the choice of colours. This has also made us think about our entire range of men’s underwear. We work on different color palettes, and experiment in various shades to bring you the one colour that you truly deserve in your underwear. Seeing the perfect colour is just like the ‘Aha’ moment. It feels like you have just seen something incredible.


Emotions of autumn colours

Colours bring about an emotional surge in your subconscious mind. Research shows how reds, yellows, and oranges are colours that show warmth and comfort. These are colours that ooze energy, optimism, and freshness. They are the right colours for your briefs too, as they can boost your mood the instant that you wear them. You must have ignored it or brushed it aside as a commonplace event of no great importance. But how did you feel when walking along a wooded path, treading on leaves that have just fallen on the road? The fresh aroma of autumn foliage sends in a bolt of energy right through your persona. That is the same feeling that we aim to make your experience through our special colours that signify autumn.


Organic and eco-friendly

Lure believes in offering organic and sustainable innerwear. The fabric we use is sourced from organic and naturally-occurring materials. Breathability is what we aim to achieve in the underwear that we make. It is what defines our manufacturing process, our design, our colours, and our choice of raw materials. Comfort, breathability, and luxury are not just words for us. They are the driving force behind all our activities. We have made our brand trend on the wish list of every environmentally conscious person on earth. Our processes are devoid of chemicals and artificial fibres. Going green is just not a fad for us, but is the ultimate goal.


Autumn colours are a reflection of your persona

If colours reflect your inner being, then you will be thrilled to know about your choices. For when you choose shades of autumnal colours, you can feel very special about yourself. You can even radiate this around you in magnetic ways. Colour psychology is at work here and it works in the subtle of ways. When you choose autumnal colours, you also reflect your persona.

  • Red: Intense colour. Stands for passion, desire, courage, and bravery.
  • Orange: Orange stands for brightness, joy, and happiness. Orange combines the properties of red and yellow.
  • Yellow: Yellow stands for cheerfulness, warmth, brightness, and richness. Yellow signifies optimism, hope, and pleasant feelings.


Uncompromised on comfort and style

Lure Menswear is committed to offering comfort in each of the products it offers. Be it jocks, briefs, boxers, swimwear, thongs, or harness, it stands fast on its promise to offer a comfortable fit. We offer the same comfort in our autumnal colours of underwear briefs. We have maintained a quality that has stood the test for so many years. The autumnal range of underwear colours that we offer is unmatched in style also. The autumnal colours ooze with comfort and are a complete style statement in themselves. Our briefs are snug comfortably to your butt shape and do not feel tight around your groin area. It, of course, provides a comfortable pouch for your most intimate organs. But the sexy feeling that it lends to you is a privilege that only a few can offer.



Bring the joys and colours of autumn with our yellow and orange underwear briefs. You can celebrate autumn and be one with the spirit of autumn while the season lasts. There is hardly a season with a such varied tapestry of colours as autumn. Reds, yellows, and orange are all over, be it the earth, the trees, and even you possess the emotions that signify the onset of autumn. Why not be one with the season? Bring Lure into your wardrobe and celebrate the true spirit of autumn.