What every gay man needs to know about the jockstrap

A jockstrap is not just an item of sexy gay underwear. It's a lot more than that, as you will soon discover. The jockstrap was invented in 1874 by a cool guy named C.F Bennett, who was from a sporting goods company based in Chicago. The design was intended to be used by men that were bicycle jockeys and worked the cobblestoned streets of Boston to give them comfort and support while sitting on the saddle. The rest, as they say, is history. However, there is so much more that the understated jockstrap has to offer.

A jockstrap offers complete support

A jockstrap does hold everything completely in place – and we're not just talking about a tight pouch for your meat and two veg! Because of the design of an overlayer and thicker waistband, the good old jock supports all your delicate bits, especially while bike-riding, or playing sports. If your nether regions are bouncing around all over the place, you are at risk from cysts or infections, which is not a sexy look. Luckily, a jockstrap gives so much support it will prevent such things from occurring.

Wearing a jockstrap is like a second skin

They are just so comfortable, and that's the truth. The days of wedgies are no more when wearing a jockstrap and you can choose from soft fabric materials that are soft and comfortable. Let's be honest, oversized boxers hook up into cracks they shouldn't hook up in and briefs are not exactly designed to enhance what nature gave you! Most men state that wearing a jockstrap often feels like they are going commando, but without any rub from their outer clothing, which sounds great, doesn't it?

If the sun comes out, the bum can come out

There is nothing worse than sweaty bits on a hot day, and because the jockstrap is made from breathable material and there is not a lot of it, sweating below the belt is very unlikely if you're wearing a jockstrap. They are a very hygienic solution for keeping cool and fresh when the sun is shining.

A jockstrap can transform saggy into peachy

Now let's talk about another important factor. A jockstrap can help any bum look tighter and perter. The thicker waistband and two straps frame the butt, lifting it and pulling it in to look tighter and fuller, so you will have an enhanced silhouette when wearing tight shorts or trousers.

They're sexy as...

Most gay men consider the jockstrap the sexiest underwear design on the market. The exposed bum and tight pouch are the epitome of sexiness, both in and out of the bedroom. Don't just take our word for it. Have a look at our jockstrap range and discover for yourself how cute and sexy they are.