Best fabric for your underwear

Fabric is so important to men’s underwear, they have come to define underwear for men. Fabric spells comfort. It is such a simple thing as this. There is nothing but the fabric which determines whether the underwear is comfortable to wear or not. What is the one best thing about fabric is that it is breathable. The breathability of a fabric is a prime consideration behind the buying preferences in underwear. Underwear types also come to the fore when it comes to choosing underwear. But it is the fabric that ultimately defines which underwear to buy. Fortunately, technology has offered men many choices of fabrics. Let us glance through the range of fabrics that men can choose from.



Cotton is the ultimate fabric that has been around for several decades. The inherent quality of cotton also lends comfort to the underwear. It is soft to the skin, airy, and breathable. Cotton is the undisputed king of all the underwear fabrics that are around. Cotton may sound cheap to some, but no man is willing to forego comfort for fashion. And this is when cotton is the preferred choice of fabric for men’s underwear. Cotton, however, can cause some irritation around your private parts. Cotton briefs are the most common underwear types.



Modal is a more recent fabric that has developed with the growth of fabric technology. It is commonly named a micro modal. Modal fabric is made of spun tree cellulose fibers. This makes it as soft as cotton but also silky smooth to the touch. Modal fabric adds a touch of glamour to the underwear. Modal fabric is just as breathable as cotton. But one disadvantage of the modal is that it lacks the rigidity and support that is needed to do daily activities. Especially, during workouts, modals can cause quite a bit of discomfort.



Silk is a natural fiber that is obtained from spiders weaving their cocoons out of silk. Silk is naturally smooth, silky, and lightweight. It can absorb moisture. But washing silk can be quite a tough ask, as it can break during a tough wash. Silk requires delicate care and improper washing can destroy its natural appeal and elasticity. Silk also comes at a high price. You can keep one or two silk underwear in your wardrobe and they will just do fine.


Merino wool

Merino wool is a naturally occurring fiber that is obtained from a special type of sheep. This type of wool is a natural fabric for underwear. It is not as itchy as wool and it can absorb moisture. Merino wool is much softer than traditional wool. It can keep temperatures around your testicles cool. But Merino wool can also be tough to maintain. It is not a durable fabric and is a poor choice for underwear.



Synthetic materials like Polyester are just opposite to natural fibers used in men’s underwear. Polyester is obtained by a chemical reaction between chemicals, acids, and alcohols. A definite advantage of using Polyester in underwear is that it is very durable than most fabrics. It is also flexible and can maintain its shape. Polyester is also very easy to maintain and wash. But the big disadvantage of Polyester is that it is not able to absorb moisture. It also is an unbreathable fabric that is not airy. It also tends to be stifling a bit. That is why Polyester is blended with other naturally occurring fabrics to make it more breathable and tough. Athletes wear underwear made of a blend of Polyester and other fabrics as it offers more support and rigidity.



One thing about bamboo is that it is a natural fiber obtained from bamboo grass. Bamboo has become a sustainable choice for fabrics in men’s underwear. Bamboo is a biodegradable material that has become popular as a fabric of choice for men. In this way, bamboo is a green alternative to synthetic materials that are used in men’s underwear. Bamboo is an organic fiber that offers lightness to the underwear fabric. Being lightweight also gives it more breathability. Bamboo is also a moisture-wicking material and reduces the chances of moisture getting underneath the underwear. But bamboo, being obtained from grass, tends to be thin and does not offer the rigidity that men want in their underwear. It is only when bamboo is blended with synthetic fibers to make it more rigid. The bamboo fabric then becomes the preferred fabric that has the quality of bamboo and the toughness of synthetic fabric.



Nylon is obtained from petroleum. Nylon is a synthetic material that has a lot of good things about it. It is flexible, lightweight, smooth, stretchable, and can absorb moisture. Nylon also retains its shape. But it is not breathable fabric and is light in weight. When blended with other fabrics, Nylon becomes a more comfortable fabric of choice for men’s underwear. But Nylon is not good for places with warm atmospheres.


Best fabrics for men’s underwear

The above fabrics are perfect for different activities and regions. There is nothing like the ‘perfect underwear’.


  • Affordable underwear: Cotton is the top pick for affordable underwear. Cotton is cheap though and you will have to change it under 6 months.
  • Everyday wear: If you are looking for underwear for daily wear and lounging, then you should go for silk, merino wool, and modal fabrics. Cotton blends also work fine for this purpose.
  • Warm weather: Organic cotton and bamboo are breathable fabrics that work well in warm weather. They allow air to circulate underneath the fibers and make the area airy.
  • Cold weather: Merino wool can insulate against cold weather and it is also breathable to some extent. Choose long underwear for cold regions.
  • High activity: Men who prefer adventurous activities like cycling, gymming, and working out can choose polyester blends. It offers the smoothness and rigidity that they need.



The above fabric can be worn depending on the place. Some are perfect for warm climates whereas some are perfect for colder climates. Some are more affordable than others, while some fabrics are seen as luxury items. When choosing the fabric you should weigh its pros and cons. These fabrics can make all the difference in your choice of underwear.