Latest trends in Men’s Underwear


Men’s underwear goes through its trends like women’s innerwear. These trends also reflect a lot on men’s underwear preferences and styles. Underwear is one thing that is worn throughout the day. Watchers have to look out for trends while keeping an eye on the changing style preferences, fashion, and usability. These are the trends that also show how underwear as clothing also goes through changes over some time. The latest trends that men’s underwear makers have caught are those that are also seen worldwide.


Breathability is everything

Underwear brands have realized the role that underwear plays in a man’s daily clothing needs. Underwear stays with you throughout the day and night. There is every chance that it will lead to a rise in humidity and sweating around the private parts. Sweating can lead to unpleasant odours and the growth of bacteria that emit foul odours. Making underwear breathable through a choice of organic and environment-friendly material is the trend that is currently shaping the underwear industry worldwide. This is the trend that is also proving beneficial to men. They do not have to worry about moving about in their underwear. Even if they play sports, they do not have to worry about perspiring.1


Ability to customize the underwear

While it is still easy for men to go to a shop and buy the underwear they want, there is a growing trend to customize it. This way, they can get the underwear of their choice and also go for an underwear subscription. Manufacturers display different types of underwear, adding their core features, material, size availability, and stock options. Men can try out different underwear in this way. This ability to customize the underwear is catching up with men who want to have their underwear customized to their style and preferences.


Work-from-home customers

More and more people are working from home. This also has changed the way underwear brands make their underwear. Brands are working on new styles, colours, and designs to lure men who are working from home. Men like to show off their underwear when they are at home and manufacturers can take this unique opportunity to make trendy underwear and even experiment with patterns, designs, colours, underwear styles, and fabric, among other things. The idea of trying something new is always on top of every man’s mind, and this might fascinate them into trying new underwear styles also.


Tighter fits

Briefs and boxer shorts may rule the buying pattern of men. But tighter underwear is slowly making its way into the market. Compression fits hug the skin firmly and lends a shapely fit to the entire physique of men. Men may even want them to look sexy. Tight underwear is a new trend among men who feel that it is safer than boxers. This has made underwear brands try out new fits that are tighter. New styles and colours are coming up in tight underwear and this has increased the choices as well. Men can have more choices of patterns, styles, designs, colours, and fabric even in tight underwear. They are gaining popularity due to the wider choices, range, and versatility in fits.


Bold prints

In today’s world, men’s underwear has become more and more stylish and sexy. Underwear brands are trying out bold looks and bright colours in their underwear. No matter what underwear they offer – boxers, briefs, jockstraps, mesh underwear, sports underwear, boxer briefs, trunks – all of them come with varying designs, prints, colours, and styles. Bold prints are eye-catching due to their bold look and design quality. Men’s innerwear manufacturers are trying to catch this growing trend and incorporate bolder prints in their underwear. This may look audacious at times, but such bold prints and eye-catching colours never fail to make an impression.


Sustainable fabrics

Men’s underwear is coming out of a rut and this is easily seen in the fabrics that they come in. Underwear brands are consciously making use of sustainable and earth-friendly fabrics such as silk, hemp, organic cotton, natural bamboo, and renewable fibers. Manufacturing processes are also organic and efforts are made to use minimal earth resources and reduce wastage and renewing fibers. They use all the sustainable means such as the use of non-toxic chemicals, less energy, improving soil quality, etc. These are ways of giving something back to the earth. Brands are increasingly becoming greener and it shows in the underwear they produce.



What are these trends in men’s underwear pointing out? Does it not say a lot about the continuously evolving industry that men’s underwear is in? Men’s underwear brands have become aware that underwear is not just a piece of clothing that is hidden from view. It is the most important part of clothing that too, has the potential to evolve into something vital to a man’s innerwear needs. After all, underwear is the next best thing for your skin. It is this newfound awareness that is behind the exponential growth and evolution that is taking place in the men’s underwear market.