Why women love boxers

Why women love Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs are for sure changing genders, and we find an increasing number of women shifting from panties to Boxer Briefs. So, if women do prefer Boxer Briefs then there have to be some genuine reasons for this drastic change of preference. But before we dive in to see why women wear Boxer Briefs, we can just tell you that we have designed our Lure Boxer Briefs, especially for women in the LGBT community. Straight women wear them. Lesbian girls wear them too. Only if you would eavesdrop and overhear the candid lesbian conversations, you would realize how they trust their Boxer Briefs!! This essential menswear is catching up with women too, and in a big way. These Boxer Briefs are now turning out to be one hot and trending innerwear for girls and women too. But is it that women are ditching those trusted panties? Well, surely no. But let’s look at the obvious reasons why women love their Boxer Briefs.


Fits all body types

Whether you have fuller hips or are the athletic type, or for that matter, even the slim types. Our Boxer Briefs are made to suit women of all body types. We have designed our Boxer Briefs in a way that let women feel comfy while doing any activity. While a thong may not fit women with straight hips, and women with an athletic physique may find it difficult to put on lace underwear, a Boxer Brief will just fit in where it is intended to be.


Perfect for occasions

When the occasion demands, a Boxer Brief can fit in perfectly. In a board meeting, or a bar. They are, however, not meant for being sexy, like the lace lingerie. Our Boxer Briefs are meant to give cozy comfort, and it is the one thing that makes women feel feminine with their girly friends. They want to feel up and sexy at the same time, and also feel comfortable.


Extra Coverage

The extra coverage that a Boxer Brief gives is more than what a panty would give. Take any of our Boxer Briefs, for that matter. Women can throw on any kind of skirt or dress, but they know that they are fully covered inside from hip to thigh. We do have the best colours and styles that give that much more choice in Boxer Briefs. So, women who prefer more comfort and coverage can always trust our Lure Boxer Briefs.


Loose and comfortable

Girls wear boxers for the ultimate comfort that they feel in their innerwear. Boxer Briefs are loose and fit the curves and shapes of the lower body comfortably without being too sticky. The loose-fitting Boxer Briefs are way too comfortable than the pinching and squeezing panties. The form-fitting factor acts largely on making Boxer Briefs so much popular with women.


Clothing in itself

We have our collection of Boxer Briefs for women with all the trendiest styles and colors to boast of!! And one thing that is so unique about them is that they can double up as activewear. In this sense, Boxer Briefs seem just like pajama shorts than an undergarment. Girls can wear Boxer Briefs knowing that there are no cuts that will reveal too much!! That they can wear them while working out at the gym or on a date night.


Chafing and Wedgies

The uncomfortable feeling that comes with wearing underwear of irregular size!! There is that friction in the upper thighs when walking down the street. Wedgies are a nightmare too when the underwear does not stay in its place. This becomes a difficulty when moving out of a car, or going for a run at the park. Our Boxer Briefs fit the feminine form to perfection. The fabric fits the form and we have designed styles that give utmost comfort without being too skinny and tight.


That cozy feeling

Boxer Briefs have it in them to provide comfort and coziness. Women indeed prefer having them as a layer of clothing that provides extra warmth during chilly winters. But Boxer Briefs only sets the mood when they insulate against the biting cold and are also breezy from the inside. They can strike a perfect balance between being breezy and warm at the same time.


Covers panty lines

One thing that Boxer Briefs provide is to hide the panty lines that may peep through the pajamas or sweat pants. The hems of our Boxers also are great at covering panty lines, and they also cover the hips and cheeks. Girls can now wear our Boxer Briefs under their undies and stay confident that they are not revealing any panty lines.



Wear Boxer Briefs any way and there is no wrong way to wear them. Don them to fit your outfits and style. Girls like adding their style to wearing Boxer Briefs. Like they can wear them as high-waist underwear, or rolled up. Some prefer wearing them low or by cuffing the hems and putting on your style of clothing over them. Boxer Briefs that we make are also super comfortable, super stylish, and super flexible innerwear for women.