5 Underwear Mistakes to Avoid

Nothing is as neglected as underwear, especially, men’s underwear. Underwear is an inner thing, something which is not seen at all, so why fuss over underwear? This has more to do with the way we see underwear. Changing perspectives can do a lot of difference. The next time you decide to buy underwear you should just be aware of the various choices before you. There are those boxers and briefs and then, there are the jockstraps and thongs. All of them are functional yet, stylish and comfortable. There are some other things that men can consider before buying new underwear.


Scratchy elastic bands

The underwear comes in direct contact with our skin. Our skin can feel the elastic band press against it and tells us if it fits in comfortably. But elastic bands that are made with bad material can be a nightmare for the skin. The gnawing elastic band scratches against your skin and ruins your day. It is just one reason why you should pay attention to the elastic band of your underwear.


Not wearing for the occasion

The one mistake that men often do is that they stick to only one pair of underwear, and think it goes with all occasions. Just like other clothes, underwear come in so many varieties and colors. There’s one pair of underwear for every occasion. Buy a thong, for example, at parties, or a boxer when you go out with friends. Underwear can also make you feel special if you are just aware of it.


Fabric that itches

Just like the elastic band, the fabric is a factor that is often overlooked. While cotton is most favorable, polyester is not. Polyester traps heat and moisture. It also causes itches and rashes, which can lead to infection in the groin area. Fabric that allows your skin to breathe and moisture to evaporate is best.


Overusing your underwear

Old underwear, which is full of holes and tears, should be discarded. But most often, this is not the case. Men keep on using that old underwear, for no apparent reason. This habit is often a mistake that they don’t realize they are doing. It is recommended to replace your old underwear every 6 months.


Not buying for your body type

It is a wrong assumption to think that underwear will automatically suit your body. Physique and body types are vastly different. Boxers may fit men with an athletic body, but briefs won’t. Similarly, briefs are not suitable for men with wide hips and waists.