Guide to Jockstraps

Jockstraps may look like very sexy underwear and not the typical underwear that you want to buy. But it is always worth trying if you want to be bold and adventurous in your choice of underwear. Jockstraps may look very flimsy with their minimal design. You may even think they are for other men who want to show off their toned butts. But there is a lot more that is hidden from view. Jockstraps may not appeal to you with their design, but they are both functional as they are unconventional. So here are some things that you should know about Jockstraps before you form a negative opinion about them.

Why should you wear Jockstraps?

Jockstraps are designed to look sexy on you. You can don them and walk around your house and there’s no offense in that. So what if you show your skin. Jockstraps are bold and you can certainly feel a lot sexier than before when wearing a boxer brief. Jockstraps are a type of underwear that has some cool features. Less fabric means skin cools faster and it can breathe a lot more. They will also take less space when packing your travel bags. You can wear them if you want some freedom underneath your clothing. They will support your private parts but also give freedom and comfort.


The first time you try a Jockstrap

There’s always this excitement and nervous anticipation when you try anything the first time. So it is with Jockstraps. That sexy feeling that comes over you when you try them first is the most pleasurable experience. The sexy look and design of the Jockstrap will overwhelm you. And sleeping with a Jockstrap is the next best thing to sleeping naked. You cover your intimate body parts but also dare to expose them to your partner. That is the most wonderful thing about a Jockstrap. A Jockstrap will give you that subtle feeling that you have some fabric that keeps you covered.


Can you wear a Jockstrap daily?

Try a Lure Jockstrap and test it out to see how it goes with your daily lifestyle. You can try it while you work out or do regular jogging and exercise. Jockstraps allow air to circulate and cool down the butts. When you are doing brisk walks or jogging, Jockstraps will give you a liberating feeling and feel airy and breathable. Jockstraps are great while walking or standing, and you can feel relaxed that the moisture inside your trousers will evaporate. But while sitting down, you can feel anxious about moisture showing through your trousers. If this thing is worrying you, then you can have a shower before you wear the Jockstrap. Shower with a loofah and lather between the cheeks and the buttocks as well. A clean butt will not allow moisture to build up inside the trousers.


Tips on buying jockstraps

Lure Jockstraps are great for men who love to look masculine and sexy. They can be ideal menswear during hot summers. Even when at home, they give you that extra bit of sophisticated feeling. They can be great while having sex too. So if you are looking for some tips on how to buy a jockstrap, then here are some tips.

Know your jockstrap

Modal jockstraps are great compared to cotton ones. They come in bold colors and you can go for a black and blue combination. You can also buy pastel colors if you wish. But the most preferable color combination is pink and red. It always suits any skin tone, blonde or black. They also come in patterns and prints.

Waistband thickness

The waistband thickness also influences your purchase. Thin waistbands, which are 1.25 inches, go well with low-rise jeans. Thick waistbands (1.5 inches) are great at holding your underwear in place and position. You can wear skinny jeans, Chinos, jogger pants, or cargo pants over them.

Separate penis pouches

Jockstraps have separate penis pouches which lend support to the penis and scrotum areas. If you wear a separate penis pouch then go for jockstraps with a dedicated penis pouch. Jockstraps with such a dedicated penis pouch will be better than a separate penis pouch.

Start wearing one

If you have not worn briefs before, you can go for jockstraps. Try them as daily wear and experiment with your lifestyle. Once they fit, you can be more selective and opt for more types of jockstraps.

Go slow

Try your jockstrap in different settings. First, you should try them in your home when you are relaxed and do not have to attend to different chores. Just sit and relax with the jockstrap. Once you are comfortable, you can wear them underneath your clothing and go for a date.

Shower before you wear a jockstrap

You should shower before you wear the jockstrap. Clean your butt cheeks and between the cheeks. A clean butt will ensure that your jockstrap will also stay clean.


Once you get comfortable with a jockstrap, you can go for bold colors and styles. You can try sexier jockstrap styles that look sexier on you. Then you can also go for a male thong.



Lure Jockstraps can be easy on you once you try them as your new underwear. We can recommend you jockstraps from our exclusive menswear collection. Include them in your wardrobe and you can have an additional choice to wear. You can try them for specific occasions. Wear them according to your mood, and you can even try them for daily wear. But you should always remember that jockstraps will eventually make you feel special.