Which underwear for gay men is right for you?

For most of us, 2020 was a write-off. It was the year of Zoom calls, baking and binge-watching Netflix shows. However, for Lure Menswear, 2020 was an opportunity. Being rooted in the LGBT community allowed the company to spot a gap in the market and so, Lure Menswear decided to create an inclusive and diverse range of men’s underwear. The company prioritises style, fit and comfort. From boxers to briefs, t-shirts to socks, Lure have a wide range of menswear suitable for all.

Finding your underwear style is something that many gay men may want to consider. However, with such a wide range of amazing products, sometimes it can be hard to know where to look first and even harder to decide which products are for you. So, we thought we’d break it down. This article will cover the benefits of each type of underwear meaning you can choose the style most suited for your lifestyle!

1. Boxers

Lure Menswear boxers are the perfect midway point between boxer shorts and briefs. They provide stylish and form-fitting coverage over the waist and upper thighs and are a little more modest than other types of men’s underwear, perfect for treating that special someone in your life. Lure’s branded waistband is perfect if you are after a tight pair of undies. Boxers, generally, are preferred by men who like a little more space in their underwear.

Boxers are amazing if you are after a modest confidence boost. They have more coverage than other underwear and therefore leave a little more to the imagination. This fit is perfect for a slightly slimmer build as it makes your below the belt proportions appear a little larger.

Ideal for day-to-day comfort, boxers are both practical and stylish underwear choice. For those who like the fit of a boxer, it should also be known that the colour choice also says a lot about a guy! According to psychology, colour can reflect a lot about a man including their mood and their intentions. While red often connotes passion and power, pink is generally considered a little gentler and more romantic. So, what kind of vibe are you trying to give off when you take off your trousers?

2. Briefs

Moving on from boxers, let’s take a look at briefs. Briefs are a form-fitting, short underwear style. Generally, they sit around the wearer’s pelvic region holding your goods in place. Despite being short in length, briefs still offer a fair amount of coverage of the back passage and your package. Unlike boxers, the tendency for briefs to hold your genitals in a more fixed position makes them an incredibly practical form of underwear.

These briefs can be worn under virtually any sort of clothing. Whether it’s a business suit, a gym outfit, or a pair of short shorts for your next night out, briefs are a discrete yet sexy design, meaning that while your underwear won’t be visible, you will still feel confident in it.

Briefs are also ideal for a slightly more athletic or active man. The form-fitting shape means that they are less likely to ride up when rushing around or working out. They keep everything in the right place and don’t feel constrictive while doing it.

3. Jocks

From the front, jocks appear very similar to briefs. However, from the back, it is a much more revealing story. In the gay underwear world, Jocks are what a mullet is in the hair world. While it appears to be business in the front, it’s a party in the back. With less back material, jocks allow airflow to circulate much more than any other type of underwear.

As well as having far less back material than other underwear types, jocks also have less side material. Having a similar shaping to a thong means the side material is less bulky and a lot sexier. This is great for leg movement as the wearer feels much less restricted.

Both the ventilation that a jock provides as well as the mobility the lack of sides offers, often makes a jock the underwear of preference for many gym-goers. If you are looking to bulk up and want your underwear to be as comfortable as possible while doing it, jocks are definitely for you.

However, jocks are not just ideal for the gym-goers amongst you. There is no point arguing that jocks are potentially the sexiest men’s underwear out there which is why they are often a favourite in gay men’s underwear. They provide good lift, making any wearers bum look peachier. They are the perfect underwear choice to show off what you’ve got. If you are looking for an underwear type that will make you feel sexy, free, and mirror selfie-ready, the jock is the right choice for you.