Choosing the right boxers

Men’s boxers have redefined underwear. Boxers are a rage even today when new underwear types like thongs are making their way into the wardrobe. Men are getting more variety to choose from, and this is a good thing. But boxers have stayed on even after this latest onslaught of briefs and trunks. They also have gone through some design changes. So nowadays, you have boxer briefs and boxer shorts. They even come with their own pockets. This makes it somewhat of a dilemma for men who want to buy a boxer. So how to choose a boxer? Read on and find out…


What should be the length of the boxer – short or long?

Lure Boxers come in so many different sizes. So to start you can measure your waist size. If it is 32 inches, then you can choose a boxer with a 32-inch inseam length. Many boxers come in 4 to 6 inches. If you are very specific, you can choose a boxer with a 3.75 to 4 inches inseam. There are boxer manufacturers who also provide boxers with 6.5 inches inseam. But when it comes to practical aspects, you can consider when do you wear boxers? Do you want to wear them around your house? You should go for boxers with short lengths. You can wear them as your daily wear too so that you get a feel of a brief and also the freedom that comes with a boxer.


What should be the width of a boxer – regular or slim fit?

Boxers also come in normal size and slim fit types. So if you are a muscular man then you might just avoid slim-fit boxers. They will restrict movement and you may feel claustrophobic around your legs. They will fit tight and you may feel constricted when wearing a slim fit boxer. However, guys with the slim body may be very comfortable with slim-fit boxers. Regular boxers will look, kind of, baggy on these guys. The fabric on regular boxers will not suit skinny guys, and also will be shown and be bulkier on slim-fit trousers. Regular boxers will suit guys with gym-toned legs. Slim guys can wear slim-fit boxers under slim-fit pants.


What about the price?

Cheap boxers may tend to be more functional than luxurious. They may not last long and come with simpler patterns and cotton fabric. There are more pricey boxers that are more sophisticated in terms of looks and design. Then there are premium boxers that will define your lifestyle. Such boxers also offer a choice of luxury fabric, pouches, horizontal flies, and pockets. Guys can go for such boxers if they want both comfort and style. When buying boxers, price should also be a defining factor. Strike a balance, test boxers with a different price range, and then finalize on the one that you find comfortable.


Colors and patterns also matter!!

Some men would like exotic patterns and experiment with colors when buying a boxer. And then, some men want a boxer with traditional bold colors and subtle patterns. Most men find plaids and stripes appealing to the eye. Bold colors also go well with boxers and the most common among them are red, blue, black, or dark greys. If you want to experiment, you can try stripes, plaids, or fun prints like cartoons, or superhero prints. They may look fashionable and make a statement, but eventually, fade away. The prints won’t stay as sharp as ever, or the colors will fade away with every wash. So it is all up to you and the design preferences that you have.


Do you prefer natural or synthetic material and fabric?

Cotton is the number one choice for boxers. These days 100% cotton is a rarity, and you will find other materials such as elastane mixed with cotton. Elastane gives the stretch to the fabric. So the boxer has got breathable cotton fabric and the stretchiness of elastane. Fabric such as modal fabrics, polyester, and elastane are giving more choices to men. Modals are semi-synthetic fabrics that are both natural and synthetic. Lycra and spandex blends also give the required elasticity to the underwear and you can go for 8 to 10% of these materials.


Fly or no fly?

The button fly is most common in boxers. Men have to unbutton them to pee. But then, there are also vertical and horizontal flys. If you don’t want the button flys, then you can go for elastic waistbands. Slit flys are also there and it is just a bit of fabric that overlaps the other. But, button flys are preferable, as buttons can be closed and the penis cannot protrude outside the boxer. An advantage of a button fly is that you can open and close it.


Do you need a penis pouch?

The penis pouch provides a separate area for your penis to rest and it does not mingle with the rest of the groin area. Boxers offer more room for the groin, penis, and balls. There is a wide horizontal room and also a vertical space. The penis pouch is like an additional pouch for your penis. If you are wearing a slim-fit boxer, then having a penis pouch is needed. But when you are wearing a normal boxer there is no need to wear a penis pouch.



Buying a boxer need not be so difficult that you have to go through all the points mentioned above. On the contrary, it should be the most convenient thing to buy. You have to be more personal in choosing a boxer. You can choose luxury and fashion more than comfort. Some choose comfort as the only factor in choosing a boxer. But it is a matter of a personal choice. Maintain a balance between the two. Experiment and try to look for the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. Check the price factor too, but look at the price that offers the most from the boxer.