What colour says about you.

Do you prefer bold blue or red? Do pinks or white shades soothe you? You won’t realize it, but color affects your mood at a subconscious level. You may wonder how colors can make you feel happy and cheerful.

You may feel romantic or be adventurous about seeing some colors. Lure brings you these colors in men’s underwear. We want you to feel just that bit sexy and be bold enough to have a splash at parties. So what if it is the underwear that makes you do so!!

Color also tends to underline the personality that you are endowed with. A lot will happen when colors are around. We can’t emphasize more, but here is a small guide that will surely reflect on colors and all the energy that it gives to you.


Black stands for masculine power and sexual prowess. It is the color of elegance and royalty. You can blame your black underwear for all the razzmatazz that you display. Black also lends your personality an air of mystery. You may not notice it, but you assume sheer physical presence when black is around. It looks good in the wardrobe too. So we have designed our black boxers and black briefs for you who want to add a dash of raw enigmatic magnetism to their personalities.


Blue brings with it a coolness of the breeze and the brightness of the sunshine on the silvery sands. There is nothing like blue to elevate your mood and make you feel better. Light blue tends to have a calming effect on your mood. Bold blue adds sheer magnetic power to your personality. It also stands for royal supremacy and gives you a dash of the opulent richness of being. Don’t have blue underwear with you? Try our blue boxers which are paler in colour or our navy briefs for something a little richer in colour.


Lure brings you rich reds in our brand new underwear collection. Red gives you confidence and daring. Wine red adds that mysterious element to your persona, and a charm that lingers on. Deep red oozes with energy and vitality. Our Pride Collection brings you deep red briefs that support your bulging organs and also add sheer brawn to your persona.


Do you love the white color of your underwear? White stands for cleanliness and you may not know it, but you must be more organized than others. Probably, more rational and more logical also!! It is in the white color that you may look for the transparency that you want in relationships too. So to satiate your lust for white, Lure presents its white boxers. We even have a white brief that you can add to your wardrobe.


Grey is a universal favorite when it comes to underwear. There is a subtle exotic appeal to grey underwear that makes it look so attractive. Perhaps that is a classy elegance about grey color that is why more men love grey. It suggests a love for design and a heightened level of aesthetic sense. Lure brings a grey thong somewhere in our exclusive collection, we know your wardrobe also will love it.


Girls love pink. So do men, but for a different reason. Pink may seem to be the color for wooing your love interest. So men who choose pink underwear choose intimacy over everything else. Pink offers the privacy that men crave. It also lends a softness of persona and a subtle, yet distinct, seductive nature that years to burst forth of cold skin. Lure offers pinks in a range of intimate underwear for men. You may want to go for our pink boxers, thongs & briefs.


There is so much freshness that comes with the color orange. Men who love adventurous activities inadvertently prefer orange color. There is a zest of liveliness that oozes out of men who love donning orange-colored underwear. Playfulness and energy are Ingrained in their persona. You may prefer beaches and be passionate about high-energy sports. Lure introduces its Pride Collection with orange jocks and briefs.


Grape color attracts men who are more earthy types and are connected with nature. Grape brings the soothing touch and the healing power of purple color. Men who prefer purple or grape colors always tend to be one with nature and have a soft appeal about them. Purple also is a color of protection and it lends a protective air to men, additionally playing to our emotions. Men who have the emotional energy and soothing nature can go for our grape-colored briefs.


Colors naturally affect our choice of underwear. While underwear in any three colors is best for your wardrobe, you should also try new ones to get the feel. Lure menswear brings you that exciting range of briefs, jocks, boxers, and more so that you are never short of a color. Be on the lookout though, because we keep adding new ones to our collection. You can, however, see all our latest Pride Collection that has more colors than you can think.